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MBenz1395_1While being a passenger in a car might be humdrum to some these days, a limousine ride will ignite excitement and a feeling of luxury. An experience which is universally recognized as much more thrilling and comfortable than a simple taxi ride, a limo ride, may be a once in a lifetime moment. Many people choose Limousine Hire for their wedding, or hens or bachelors’ night, or for graduation. One thing is for sure – limousine hire can add that extra special touch to a special event. If you are looking for a sleek, stylish ride check out what we can offer you at

The shiny, slender body of a limousine and its lush, custom interior, are pleasing to the eye. On the inside, it is almost comparable to a lounge, yet one on wheels. In addition to curtains, carpeting, and plush seats, a limousine offers various technological amenities.

An inbuilt refrigerator stores drinks for the thirsty passengers. Entertainment is offered via clear, flat screens for DVD viewing, along with regular television programmes. Sound systems in stereo offer surround sound. To add to the atmosphere, fiber optic lighting is becoming increasingly common in limousines.

Only through limousine services can one be almost guaranteed the best in customer service. On time and discreet, the driver is a reputable professional who will deliver as requested. Wherever you need to be picked up, the limousine will be ready and waiting. Our limousine hire service is used for various occasions and needs, including airport transfers, corporate transfers, conferences, tours, weddings and other special events.

tile-airport-transfers1You may see the types of limo services, fees, and cars available on our website. A query can also be sent online, and we also offer the convenience of booking your trip through the site as well. Customer service representatives are there, waiting to respond to your queries or bookings.
When choosing for your Limousine Hire needs, you can rest assured that you will get the most professional limousine hire service possible. Hughes Limousines the owner, is the oldest, most respected limousine service provider in Australia, and backed up with a varied fleet, helpful staff and chauffeurs and competitive rates, we can guarantee the best limo service possible.

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