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Our Services

Airport Transfers

Arrive on time, every time and avoid those travel headaches with chauffeur driven airport transportation.


For VIPs and delegates, the comfort and ease of chauffeur driven transport is the ultimate professional touch.

Corporate Transfers

Wherever business takes you, travel in luxury and comfort with your own chauffeur.

Special Events

For your next birthday, wedding anniversary, party or special occasion, there’s only one way to arrive – in style.


Take a chauffeur driven tour of the city. Our drivers know all the highlights and can tailor an experience just for you.


Nothing makes a wedding day statement like arriving in style in a luxury car or limousine.

Whatever the occasion whether you are planning your wedding, a most special of days or organising a corporate event, is the perfect place to begin your luxury chauffeured cars booking. has been at the forefront of delivering prestige to Australia’s VIP’s, international guests, corporate travelers, wedding parties, tour organisers and special event attendees since 1904.

Our fleet of luxury vehicles and professional chauffeurs, is country-wide and simply by filling in the booking form on this page, you will be able to secure the luxury travel you have been looking for.


Available 24/7 Every State Around The Country

Our fleet of cars available:

  • Holden Caprice
  • BMW 7 Series
  • Mercedes S-Class
  • Audio A-8
  • Mercedes Vano
  • Luxury 12 Seat Vans

First Class Service With Pride

Nothing is worse than booking a cheap hire car or limousine, only to be let down by an unreliable driver who has lost his way or is running late. All drivers are equipped with GPS and professionally arrive ahead of schedule, to ensure your journey is timely as well as luxurious. Whatever type of limousines we provide, depending on your desired service, our vehicles are kept at an impeccable level of cleanliness, mechanical service and suitably attired.

Why Are Limousines Better?

Simply relying on public transport, taxis, buses or trains to get around town is extremely risky business. Allowing yourself the pleasure of arriving without the fuss with navigating unfamiliar highways, road tolls and traffic bottlenecks is the only way to go, when you are new in town. Even if you are an old hand and possess the “knowledge” of every back street in town, wouldn’t you rather someone else have to deal with the congested streets, traffic lights and parking hassles?

Concerts and Corporate Events – Limousines Are A Better Way To Arrive and Leave

Making sure you arrive on time and fresh as a daisy, is the aim of all polite and professional Limousines drivers. With a reputation for being second to none, Limousines drivers are simply the better alternative to foreign taxi drivers who sometimes can barely speak a word of English. None of these types of inconveniences are ever at your doorstep when booking a limousine with us.

For major shows and performances, gaining timely access to the venue, can be tricky to say the least. No parking anywhere near the event that is going to cost an arm and a leg, not to mention the hassle of trying to get out of the park station at the conclusion of the event. Save yourself hours of trouble by booking a Limousines, chauffeured car.

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